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Hand Grip-Strengthener Box Set

Facerra 6 Hand Grip Strengthener 5 piece package contains:

*Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener (5kg to 60kg) *Finger extension and abduction resistance band *Finger dexterity/flexion speed and skill builder spring valve

*Hand Strengthener Grip Ring

*Grip Ball Essential Hand Exercise Equipment for Athletes: Hand Strengthener Kit will make you stronger when used as part of your fitness routine and training. All sports require strong hand strength for optimal performance.

*Finger Stretcher Resistance Band: Wake up stiff hand joints every morning with both your grip ball, then extend hand using finger band. [Fits all hand sizes]

*Hand & Finger Exerciser with durable springs (stainless steel)


High Quality Materials & Lifetime Warranty: Made of high-quality, flexible silicone, to ensure optimal exercise results. If there is any problem on our hand grip strengthener, you can contact us and we stand behind our brand and give Lifetime Warranty.

This kit is perfect for anyone who uses their hands daily: The athlete, the single parent who needs to open jars, an elderly parent with arthritis, people with anxiety, people who need to burn calories while driving or sitting, ball players who need fast hand/eye coordination. This set is a MUST HAVE for all athletes, baseball, softball, slow pitch softball, basketball, badminton, rock climbing, wake boarding, water skiing, tennis, football, golf, ping pong, bowling, video games, horse back riding, quad riding, mountain biking, hiking, jump roping, shooting, hunting, archery, hockey, soccer, darts, paintballing, cornhole, horseshoes, sailing, kayaking, gardening, and ANYTHING that uses hands.


Image by Ante Hamersmit


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